Purple Diary

[November 23 2010]

Uncommon Places by Stephen Shore, Berlin

For his first solo show in Berlin for over 15 years, Stephen Shore presents unseen works from the series Uncommon Places, in addition to a number of pages from his seminal Road Trip Journal at Sprüth Magers, Berlin. Uncommon Places is a photographic diary of trips, which are gathered in a clinical way of American still lifes. Particularly composed and involving geometric structures of the chosen objects, these photographs document banal dinners, neutral residential areas, atonal intersections, and anonymous portraits. To emphasize this, Shore opted for the favourite tourist method of coloured printing at a Kodak lab. This approach implies a specific form of 8×10 contact print, which brings a surreal density. To quote Shore himself, it has a more vibrant result that allows to smallest detail to come alive. In Road Trip Journal, he compulsively notified the car mileage, meals eaten, programs watched on television, motel bills, and produces a dispassionate commentary on his work. Shore with dexterity and acuity, gives a perfect definition of observation embodied by his delight of seeing. Uncommon Places by Stephen Shore at Sprüth Magers,
Oranienburger Straße 18, Berlin Text Pierre-Alexandre Mateos

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