Purple Art

[July 26 2017]

See a preview of American artist Robert Hawkins’ new paintings

“I first saw Robert’s work in 1980, in a show at the Mudd Club curated by Keith Haring. Robert was one of the bad boys of that generation. His picture of an iceberg was hanging over Basquiat’s bed when he died. Through the 80s he showed at Patrick Fox’s gallery, the baddest, punkest of galleries, with a stable that included Rene Ricard, Sue Williams, McDermott/McGough, Donald Baechler, George Condo, Alan Vega, and Steven Sprouse. In a way, Hawkins seemed the baddest of them all, and he worked hard into the nineties while avoiding the commercial success his peers achieved—had lots of shows at different galleries, and burned bridges gaily” writes Glenn O’ Brien in his essay  for Purple issue 8.

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Photo Sebastian Piras

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