Purple Diary

[September 24 2021]

Samuel Guerrero for Purple #36 the Mexico issue

Working in painting, sculpture, and video, Mexican artist Samuel Guerrero remixes Mesoamerican and colonial symbols with contemporary tropes and a cartoon-like spirit to reenvision the cosmos.

“I always think about how I’m going to interpret these symbols with contemporary topics. As someone who grew up in the 21st century in Mexico City, I’m not going to have the same relation to it as someone from 100 years ago. That’s why I always try to figure out in a creative or fictional way how these symbols resonate with the times. I don’t know about the future, but with all of these materials in the city, I am looking for relationships.” — Samuel Guerrero interviewed by Samantha Ozer for his cover story in Purple F/W 2021, the Mexico issue.

Click here to purchase your own copy of Purple #36 and discover the full interview.

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