Purple Diary

[September 22 2021]

Paloma Contreras Lomas for Purple #36 the Mexico issue

Artist and writer Paloma Contreras Lomas draws on sci-fi tropes and Mexican popular stereotypes to address women’s rights, race, and class issues, with a mix of dark comedy, absurdity and irony.

“Humor is very important for me. To talk about certain topics like politics, there’s a huge expectation to speak in a serious way; however, in a narco-state like Mexico, everything is so explicit and grotesque, with hyper-violent imagery. I do not feel comfortable reaffirming this violence — you can open the newspaper and see it.” — Paloma Contreras Lomas interviewed by Samantha Ozer for her cover story in Purple F/W 2021, the Mexico issue.

Click here to purchase your own copy of Purple #36 and discover the full interview.

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