Purple Art

[March 10 2022]

“The Beyond” a group exhibition organized by Adolfo López-Serrano and Samantha Ozer, Los Angeles

The “beyond” most immediately recalls those unknowable spaces at the far edge of horizon lines, charged with the promise of embryonic possibility. To the extent that it ushers in something new, however, the beyond is nevertheless inflected by what happened before and what is currently taking place. Rather than a clean break, the beyond then offers the potential for realignments that bend and even mend the past. For the artists in the show, all of whom are from or are based in Mexico City, the beyond is framed as a historical orientation towards times past through the vestiges of prehispanic iconography, colonial artefacts and postmodern consumer culture that animate their work.
The exhibition features works by Tomás Díaz Cedeño, Débora Delmar, Julieta Gil, Samuel Guerrero, Paloma Contreras Lomas, Noe Martínez, Carlos H. Matos, SANGREE and María Sosa.
Produced by Base Agency in collaboration with Campeche, LLANO, Lodos, Galeria Mascota, Peana and Pequod Co.
Exhibition design by Mexico City-based architecture studio LANZA atelier.

Photos by Zafirah Ahmed

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