Purple Diary

[July 15 2011]

Matthew Stone’s solo show at the Union Gallery, london

London’s Union Gallery presents Matthew Stone’s Rules Forever (Part
as a follow up to the artist’s previous exhibition (Part I) which
combines physics with photography. Stone’s practice references
the works of Salvador Dali and M.C. Escher, both of whom relied on the
power of geometry relating to perfection and the divine. In
addition to intersecting bodies with fragmented triangles and
pentagons, Stone photographs his models in iconic positions as a way
to reevaluate the traditional context for such imagery and prompt
viewers to consider why certain poses reappear throughout history.
Many of the resulting photographs feel especially cinematic as though from a Derek Jarman film. Photo Matthew Stone and text Juliana Balestin

Rules Forever (Part
by Matthew Stone is on view through July 30 at the Union Gallery, 94 Teesdale Street, London.

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