Purple Travel

[October 15 2018]

Jerusalem and Surroundings

I have been to Israel once before and the policeman at the passport control even remembered when exactly.

This time I wanted to focus my stay on the city of Jerusalem and its surroundings. I wanted to go back and take the time to see what left aside last time. Things like seeing the Western Wall, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Via Dolorosa. For seeing I mean more experiencing and feeling, rather than just stopping by. I wanted to feel all that whispering at the Western Wall, I wanted to feel the pain walking down Via Dolorosa and then up again on the Mount of Olives with a faked cross on my shoulders, my photo equipment. 

Jerusalem is like a funnel, you get suck into it no matter where you travelling from in Israel. Luckily faith is still the reason why we all end up there.

Text and photo Enrico Rossi


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