Purple Diary

[March 31 2010]

Global Shrinks

The new film Global Shrinks by Barbara Kruger opened this week at Mary Boone. Similar to her iconic photo collages layered with text, the film is a combination of image with text projected onto four walls of the gallery. The text appears either directly on the blank wall or scrolling along the bottom of an image. Through either dialogue or movement, each addresses relatable emotions ranging from dissatisfaction to pleasure. Some tell jokes while others simply cry. These storylines are interwoven with footage of religious ceremonies (a gathering of Hasidic Jews, Muslims praying in a Mosque, etc). The screens unexpectedly cut out in the middle of scenes forcing the viewer to change position and face a new wall practically turning in a circle to keep up with the face paced work. Until May 1st at Mary Boone Gallery, 541 West 24th Street, New York. Text and photo Juliana Balestin

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