Purple Diary

[February 23 2011]

GEOFFREY FARMER at casey kaplan, new york

The Canadian artist Geoffrey Farmer has presented for the first time in the United States, an exhibition at the Casey Kaplan gallery. Bacon’s Not The Only Thing That Is Cured By Hanging From A String begins with the first room adorned by hundreds of cut-out images. Haphazardly arranged, some are directly against a wall, others delicately hung up on a line. If on first approach the result seems chaotic and confused, a better observation reveals a precise composition full of surprising details. Indeed, the pictures selected by Geoffrey Farmer express simultaneous art history, pop culture, sexual representation, anatomy, natural science, ethnology or anthropology with sardonic humor and intelligence. Further in the gallery, Farmer showcases an installation of fundamental sculptures, creating a bazaar of common day objects such as a hat, shoes, a brush or bulb, matched to his traditional cut out images. Geoffrey Farmer in his joyful but also sometimes awkward relation to knowledge, has produced spectacular installations despite their precarious nature. Bacon’s Not The Only Thing That Is Cured By Hanging From A String by Geoffrey Farmer runs until March 19 at Casey Kaplan gallery, 525 West 21st Street, New York. Text and Photo Pierre-Alexandre Mateos

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