Purple Diary

[February 26 2009]

Marike Thunder Nuss, Randomness in the Form of Art

Image Description

Image Description

Marike Thunder Nuss is presenting her first show at Half Gallery. The show includes original paintings and collages, as well as works she collaborated on with her mother, artist Rita Ackermann. Nuss is genuinely proposing to decorate rooms for $100.

“[I get my inspiration] from lots of things. I just really like anime. But all the stencil stuff started when I began using knives as stencils. My mom got me some silly string and I used it with some stencils. Then it got hard after a couple of days, but it’s really delicate and falls off easily. She has these amazing neon spray paints, which I just love to use. But now my mom doesn’t really want me to spray paint in the house anymore because it really stinks.”

Marike Thunder Nuss, Randomness in the Form of Art at Half Gallery, 208 Forsyth Street, New York, New York. Closing this Saturday, March 1st.

Photos by Rachel Chandler.

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