Purple Fashion

[January 22 2018]

Discover Martine Rose “A decade of disruption” F/W 2018 collection

Martine Rose’s F/W 2018 collection delves into the last 10 years of her work as a designer re-visiting archive pieces with a new self-assuredness.

“F/W 2018 is an expansive collection; it gave me the opportunity to go through my archive and pull out my favourite pieces. I naturally feel warmed towards this collection, revisiting seasons and years that really encapsulated me. This is not only a collection looking backwards – its looks forward. I’ve always designed in this wardrobe way, so there is a sense of the breadth of a wardrobe rather than a collection. Each item really feels like its own piece and the result is decade worth of archive and personal experience. The last 10 years feels so vast, with so much to draw on and it makes me feel really excited about the next 10 years.” – Martine Rose.

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