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[September 12 2018]

Discover the latest Archivio F/W 2018 collection photographed by Toni Thorimbert

Toni Thorimbert captures classic Italian style from a contemporary point of view in Archivio‘s new Fall 2018 campaign. Archivio deep-rooted elements of “made in Italy” quality, a modern take on Italian artisanship and a unisex approach to silhouettes and sizes become ever so clear in The Power Outerwear campaign photographed by TONI THORIMBERT and styled by MAURO DEMESTRIA.
ROSITA GIAMMARINO and CECILIA FEDERICO, the designer duo behind the brand, got inspired to dig deep into the Italian heritage of Archivio and express the distinctive atmosphere of Milan in the 90s they feel so strongly connected to.

Contrasting strength with sensuality, Thorimbert introduces his vision on Archivio’s signature image of the sophisticated, dynamic woman that Cecilia and Rosita embody not only as designers, but also as models in their own campaign. The focus of The Power Outerwear campaign lies as much on the garments as on the feminine body, evoking associations of classic Italian sex appeal resonating from the clothes as well as from the women wearing them. Silky fabrics contrasting with forceful silhouettes result in a powerful synergy of masculine and feminine, defining the core characteristic of The Power Outerwear.

Archivio explores simple yet strong shapes as well as the balance of masculine and feminine while playing with overlapping outfits, to assemble the basics of a unique and unmistakable style that describes the new belonging of Archivio in Fall 2018.

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Photo Toni Thorimbert

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