Purple Art

[April 12 2013]

Courtney Love’s new exhibition opens tonight at Lyman Allyn Art Museum, New London

The concept of mentoring is one not often associated with the contemporary art world. Yet artist Courtney Love, best known as a musician, credits artist and photographer David LaChapelle with mentoring her as a visual artist. Love‘s work, featured in this exhibition, are all works on paper. The works on view are all portraits, including some self portraits, and this is where we see the relationship between her work and that of her mentor David LaChapelle. While LaChapelle‘s photographic portraits are slick and hyper-real, Love‘s portraits are sketch-like and spontaneous. Her images are raw and full of emotion, and they bear a resemblance to her music. 

The show is on view through August 10th at Lyman Allyn Art Museum625 Williams Street, New London, Connecticut

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