Purple Art

[February 10 2022]

“A New Nature,” an exhibition by Isamu Noguchi at White Cube, London

“Concrete can be nature. Interstellar spaces are also nature. There is human nature. In the city you have to have a new nature. Maybe you have to create that nature.” — Isamu Noguchi

“A New Nature” brings together several bodies of Noguchi’s work which seemingly give life to industrial methods and materials. Both the Ceiling and Waterfall from the lobby of 666 Fifth Avenue, New York (1957) will be on display, as well as two ‘clouds’ of the sculptor’s Akari light sculptures and a complete set of the 26 galvanised steel works.

On view now until 3 April 2022 at White Cube Bermondsey
144-152, Bermondsey St, London SE1 3TQ

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