Purple Art

[October 8 2018]

Pola Esther’s “Eggs to Apples” at Lyman Allyn Art Museum, New London

This exhibition is a product of my continuous exploration into the tangible aspects of existence. Constant inspiration manifests from my immediate surroundings and people I encounter. In presenting this collection of work, I’m approaching familiar products of nature, elements of the body and sometimes common objects with surreal, abstract, or whimsical flavor. The goal is to express my attitude towards beauty standards with an emphasis on feminine appeal. On a deeper level it is a commentary on evanescence and an investigation into the process of aging. I want to provoke reflections on the fantasy of immortality, dream of negligible senescence (“a lack of symptoms of aging observed in some organisms”) by exposing the physical allure of life cycles… from the beginning to the end… from eggs to apples…Ab Ovo Usque Ad Mala. — Pola Esther

“Eggs to Apples” is on view until October 28th 2018 at Lyman Allyn Art Museum625 Williams St, New London, CT.

Text and photo Pola Esther

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