Purple Art

[February 5 2014]

Camomile Hixon “The Unicorn Stampede” at Lyman Allyn Art Museum in New London, Connecticut

The Unicorn Stampede and The Missing Unicorn were two projects presented at The Lyman Allyn Museum of Art in New London, CT. The Unicorn Stampede comprised of 20 life-sized glitter unicorns represents a “contemporary cathedral” where magic is exponential and the parallel lines of reality and fantasy are pushed ever closer together in a meditation on infinite possibility and timeless awareness. The search for The Missing Unicorn began in New York City in the Fall of 2010 where thousands of fliers were posted and millions of people from over 120 countries participated by leaving messages on the Unicorn Hotline, visiting the website, and uploading images of their sightings.  The unicorn seemed to appear around the entire globe at once with people from vastly different cultures calling to tell inspirational stories of joy, hope, and freedom. Text Camomile Hixon and photo Pola Esther

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