Purple Diary

[February 19 2014]

A conversation with Daniel Pinchbeck tonight from 7-10pm at Imagine Gallery, New York

“We know that our civilization cannot continue in its present form – but we lack a viable alternative. This book seeks to define that alternative, as well as the path to attain it. Today, we live on a planet where human groups are divided between nation-states, religions, classes, races, and ideologies. The current system works for the material benefit of a tiny elite, perpetuating global injustice and inequality. Its rapacious assault against the natural world endangers our shared future. At present rates of extinction, 20 – 50% of all species will be gone by the end of this century. As we approach ecological catastrophe, we have the opportunity to bring about a collective awakening. We can attain a unified state of planetary consciousness, and establish a cooperative society based on human solidarity and regenerative principles of ecological design.” Daniel Pinchbeck.

Join him tonight to discuss the topics of his new book, Metamorphosis: A New Operating System for Human Society from 7-10pm at Imagine Gallery, 555 Avenue of the Americas, New York. Read our exclusive interview with Daniel Pinchbeck in Purple Fashion magazine issue 18 here. Portrait by Ari Marcopoulos

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