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[May 31 2012] : music

We Might Die Tomorrow

We Might Die Tomorrow by Soko

This beautiful film for Soko’s new single “We might be dead by tomorrow” was directed by the french musician and shot in LA earlier this year. Soko explains the concept behind the video as “The title of the track pretty much speaks for itselt, to me this is the most heavy & meaningful song of my album, the one that represents me the most, basically, I have lost my dad when I was 5, and have been confronted to numerous tragedies through the years..
so I grew up with the knowledge that life is so fragile, and that there might be no Future, only a NOW.”

She continues saying “so we need to make the most of it.. which has conducted me to live a very passionate, full on, adventurous life.. with intense relationships.. and live every day as if it was my last, to it’s fullest.. trying to achieve to make it the richest and happiest and most loving.. to make sure that I can look back and be satisfied with all i’ve seen, felt, lived.. So in the video, I just wanted to get the essence of what’s beautiful and vital about love : All the little moments / smiles / touches / kisses and all the rest.. For the first time, i chose to film in real Super 8 film, instead of iphone app ! and i feel like it made those images even more precious.. ( especially coz it’s so expensive to shoot in film now !! and it changed from the lower than low budget DYI videos i directed before !! ) I wanted to use color film for the “love” images, and black and white to capture the threat of death.. As a reminder of “live your life NOW, love NOW, don’t wait til you’re dead”.. i hope that comes through ? I want this LOVE NOW message to get imprinted in everyone’s head and people to get somehow less flaky with love.. and just go for it.. instead of making excuses for not being open or able to love.. The choice of Meghan Edward as my partner in the video was quite obvious.. she shaved her hair recently, and she’s so beautiful and sexy and lovable.. And I know her really well ( wink wink ), so it was easy to recreate our great connection on camera, and uh.. very enjoyable.. and true.. And I feel like it’s more romantic to show the passion i wanted with a lady ( I never even thought of doing that with a man, it would have been too gross / in your face I feel..) I wanted the video to have a very romantic, nostalgic feel to it.. Just like what I always try to vehicle with my music.. And also, it came right on time for Obama’s new laws about Gay Mariage.. So i almost feel like he should use this video for his campaign now, no !?” Full credits: Directed by: SOKO, Filmed by: Soko, Adarsha Benjamin, Teddy Cecil & Ericka Clevenger, Edited by: Jimmy Mehiel, Lovers: Meghan Edwards & Soko, Make up: Sweet P, Skulls by @Alterian, THANK YOU: Tony Gardner, Meghan Edwards, Sweet P, Ericka Clevenger, Teddy Cecil, Jimmy, Sam Spiegel, Adarsha Benjamin

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