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[April 9 2014] : Television

Vito Acconci Leaving Home

Vito Acconci Leaving Home by Lily van Ginneken and Paul Wiegerinck

To coincide with our exclusive interview with the iconic New York underground artist Vito Accoinci in the current issue of Purple Fashion magazine issue 21, we look back at this profile of the artist by Lily van Ginneken and Paul Wiegerinck. Since the early 1960s, Vito Acconci has created videos, bodyworks, sculptures, and poetry that explore various themes and obsessions, from the power of language to narcissism. Acconci’s best-known work, Seedbed (1972) was more intimate than his previous work. Performed over nine days at the Sonnabend Gallery in New York, it featured Acconci hiding beneath a wooden ramp and masturbating as he described fantasies of the viewers walking above.

Read more about Vito Acconci in our interview by Jeff Rian in Purple Fashion magazine #21 here.

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