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[August 19 2013] : fashion

The Paint House by Byronesque

The site Byronesque has released its new feature The Paint House the first part of a story to sit in line with the fashion world’s current obsession with subcultures and their effect on contemporary style. They focus on skinhead culture and how it has shaped mainstream fashion, and the project it takes its name from the short but gutsy book called “The Paint House” published in 1972. Words from an East End Gang”, the transcripts of conversations between a gang of Bethnal Green skinheads and two hippies. As part of this celebration of the enduring values of rebelling against mainstream fashion (as the skinheads did), the team at Byronesque.com commissioned artist Dan Witz to create one of his infamous mosh pit works of art. The video above is styled by a fashion historian in authentic skinhead vintage, Dean of Parsons Simon Collins, with fashion notables like Kate Lanphear, The Black Soft, Jene Lombardo, and Goran Pejkoski, etc and caputures them as they amoshed aggressively to loud punk music whilst Witz photographed them for the images that he then used as composites to create the finished painting (Kate Lanphear even got a black eye that she proudly showed off for a week after the shoot).

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