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[February 7 2014] : love

Russian Kiss / Annie feat. Bjarne Melgaard

Russian Kiss / Annie feat. Bjarne Melgaard by Richard Kern

A short movie about the right to kiss one’s beloved — regardless of sexual orientation — wherever one likes. The Winter Olympics are not just skating styles, waxing techniques and jump lengths. The Winter Olympics are also deep emotions: interpersonal, national, and global. Millions of TV-viewers are witness to these emotions. Usually, they find their expression in embraces and kisses. You can observe this at the finishing area and during the medal ceremony — teammates embracing each other, winners kissing their partners. This may be difficult when the Olympic Games take place in Sochi in February.

As we know, Vladimir Putin has introduced laws prohibiting gays and lesbians to show their love in public in Russia. Furthermore, it is prohibited to talk positively about homosexuality in public. This is the reason why an increasing number of leaders worldwide have decided to boycott this year’s Olympics. In Norway, the political leadership has rejected calls to remain at home. As a great power in winter sports Norway is in a unique position to flex its muscles in a situation like this. This could have been an occasion for Norway to stand up for the fundamental right to express your feelings towards the one you love. Unfortunately it’s been more important for Norway’s political leaders to join Putin’s party. In Norway, many gays and lesbians — and not only gays and lesbians — have reacted against this. One of them is one of Norway’s best-known elite artists: The New York-based artist Bjarne Melgaard. Therefore, at the beginning of December, together with the Norwegian songwriter and performer Annie, he took the initiative to Russian Kiss: a short movie about the right to kiss one’s beloved — regardless of sexual orientation — wherever one likes. Melgaard invited the photographer and director Richard Kern to direct the movie; famous for his collaborations with Marilyn Manson, Sonic Youth, Lydia Lynch and many others. On short notice Kern and his team joined forces with Annie and Melgaard. The result is Russian Kiss – a critical cry from Norwegian and American elite performers — albeit not from the Olympic disciplines.


Parts of the Itunes-proceeds goes to allout.org

Supported by Fritt Ord Foundation and Music Norway

Director – Richard Kern

Melody – Annie

Lyrics – Annie & Richard X

Production – Richard X

Additional vocal – Bjarne Melgaard & Andy Baumecker

Production – DT Films

Director of Photography – Kevin Hayden

Art Director – Bjarne Melgaard

Curator/ Project manager – Nicholas Møllerhaug

Editor – Jim Demuth

Casting – Annette Ramos

Styling – Miyako Bellizzi

Hair – Alexandra Andrade

Make-up – Andrew Colvin

Label – Totally Records

russiankiss.org “the right to kiss one’s beloved, regardless of sexual orientation”

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