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[January 24 2015] : fashion


Outfitumentary by K8 Hardy

Purple TV presents an exclsuive teaser from K8 Hardy’s forthcoming video Outfitumentary, screening tomorrow at Reena Spaulings Gallery in New York. “In 2001, I decided it would be a good idea to shoot some video of my outfit everyday, or at least every day that I could. My plan was to do this for 10 years because I knew I’d for sure be wearing some weird wild stuff until then, and it would be good to get it on video. Now the day has come where I have finally (almost) edited all of these looks, or outfits as they were called in the beginning, into one video piece,” said K8 Hardy. This video self portarit will premiere is this Sunday evening at 7pm, in the empty restaurant below Reena Spaulings in New York.

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