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[April 8 2015] : art

Offer Ending Soon! (teaser)

Offer Ending Soon! (teaser) by Chloe Wise

In an economy that purports to being rational and calculated, artist Chloe Wise mischievously points at the disorderly system that underpins the marketing and codifications of commodities. Offer Ending Soon!, a video in which a diverse group of models enticingly advertise nothing in particular, emphasizes the permeation of consumerism at all turns while also stressing its necessary vacuity.

In Offer Ending Soon! the models are reading lines from the Cheesecake factory menu, as well as Scientology online course reviews. The subtext alludes to the emptiness and sexuality of advertising tropes.

Written, directed and edited by Chloe Wise

Styled by Patric Vaquera

Hair and Make-up by Silvia Cincotta

Produced by Brittany Quinn

Camera Work by Andrew McGill

Cast: Ashley Smith, Alexandra Marzella, Logan Jackson De Se Escobar, Chris Bunn, Chloe Wise, Chan Kim, Lily Brant, and Brittani White

Assistants: Paulena Lynch and Kirsten Sunderland

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