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[July 24 2017] : art


Moonrace by Samuel Boutruche

In a beach of Roca Blanca, Oaxaca, the artist Samuel Boutruche created an oniric race on the moon.
As part of his residency at Casa Wabi Foundationa studio and artist’s residence designed by Tadao Ando, Samuel Boutruche carried out a performance with the local communities. With the aid of 40 students from the small town of Rio Grande, the artist reconstituted the lunar surface where the Russian mission to Lunar 17 landed. He also drew five 50 meter running tracks to inaugurate a new form of Olympic competition. The piece is a mix of practices, scales, spaces.

Curating : Alberto Rios de la Rosa
Camera: Ana Pichardo
Drone images: Patricio Guerrero Cueli
Music: Los Amparito: El Barzón
Mounting: all over studio
Coordination: Juan Pino, Genaro Guevara
General operator: Gerardo Rios

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