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[January 19 2016] : love

Monica Mirabile’s A Ghost Story

Monica Mirabile’s A Ghost Story by Kofi Carson

A Ghost Story by Monica Mirabile is about something you can’t see; a psychological thriller. Surrounding a couch, choreo-politics focus on family. The family are Jerome Bwire, Kathleen Dycaico, Hayley Martell, Jes Nelson, Alexandra Marzella, Samantha Regina, Caroline Newton, Martha Moszczynski, Amanda Salane, Tara-Jo Lewis, and Ciara Clements. Read our interview with Monica Mirabile here

Mix by: Adrien Cartel. Including songs by: Odwalla88, Holly Herndon, Pattern, Unicorn Hard-on, Yoshitaka Hikawa, Bjork, Kate Gately & Madonna

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