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[October 24 2011] : sex

Les Fleurs des Mals for Agent Provocateur by Justin Anderson

In this film director Justin Anderson and Agent Provocateur’s creative director Sarah Shotton came up with a unique video concept for their new Soiree collection, playing with the idea that sex and horror have always been completely inter-twinned as a genre but have never been parodied within a fashion film.

Horror has always been a way of expressing sex, whether in the Victorian Gothic novels, 1930’s Bela Lugosi, the 60’s 70’s Hammer films and the American teen- horror of Halloween and Scream.

Justin Anderson said “Putting horror together with Agent Provocateur seemed like a really good fit and Sarah’s idea to use thrash metal was inspired- it added exactly the right mood. I describe it as like listening to Slayer whilst reading Italian Vogue!”

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