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[October 28 2016] : architecture

Jean Nouvel Reflections

Jean Nouvel Reflections


“Jean Nouvel Reflections,” the new documentary by Matt Tyrnauer, gives us a rare insight into the design process of the famous French architect Jean Nouvel. Winner of a prestigious Pritzker Prize and Aga Khan Award, Nouvel explains the inspiration behind iconic projects, from Musée Quai Branly to the Philharmonie de Paris. Nouvel defied categorizing his style and approached each project individually. Breaking with the rules of modernism and post-modernsim, the architect aimed to put his buildings within the contexts of their surroundings. The film unveils his design philosophy in detail and zooms in on architect’s most recent projects in progress, including Louvre Abu Dhabi and the 53W53 skyscraper in New York.


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