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[November 27 2013] : art

Excerpt from American Autumn

Excerpt from American Autumn by Albert Moya

Purple TV presents an exclusive excerpt from American Autumn. Over an intimate dinner, two couples in their forties unexpectedly welcome the visit of a friend that will turn their lives upside down. American Autumn is a surreal melodrama that depicts small everyday catastrophes that threaten the gentle way of life of the bourgeoisie. This Manhattan society dinner party parodied by a cast of children, is currently doing the circuit at Film Festivals around the world. Merely 22 years old director Albert Moya states that “I remember family reunions where conversations ranged around various topics, and my only concern was to not miss a thing and observe how it affected each one of them. Those days, surrounded by adults and troubles that were beyond my comprehension, triggered my interest in conflicts between grownups. I would dissect it as something basic: feelings.” Influenced by the frenzy of Kristin Griffith and Diane Keaton in Interiors or Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Jason Leigh in Margot and the Wedding, Moya’s distinct style is also reminiscent of the work of Noah Baumbach and early Woody Allen. ” My mind was full of images of people walking wrapped in big trench coats through Central Park, surrounded by mustard, camel and maroon colors… What I feel as the American Autumn.”

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