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[May 17 2013] : music

Eaux, ‘Hold On’

Eaux, ‘Hold On’ by Maryam L'Ange

A sophisticated femme, played by Eaux Music’s Sian Ahern, plays fire with the underworld when she gets herself immersed in a provocative, psychological entrapment. A modern, twisted take on Luis Bunuel’s Belle de Jour, we witness her metamorphosis from light to darkness, as the angelic victim-turned-femme fatale later unhinges on her unsuspecting captor. Shot in a poignantly dark, cinematic style, first-time director Maryam L’ange captures both the stunning vulnerability of the female spirit and the latent darkness that lies within. Shot on location at the exquisite Town Hall Hotel in London with direction by Maryam L’Ange, creative direction by Jaime Pearlman and produced by Somesuch & Co.

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