Purple Fashion

[November 10 2020]

VLOGO Signature Shoot by Olivier Zahm for Purple #34

“I have always seen fashion as an avant-garde, a playful scene for experimenting new possibilities, for metamorphosis and fun. I truly believe in fashion as a transformative art, celebrating transition, changes, attitudes, multiple personality subjectivity as well as fighting for a non-binary gender oriented culture and society. I’m happy that Valentino is letting me express the true progressive side of fashion in this unique project, subverting the boring language of advertising.

This is my homage to Valentino elegance, Helmut Newton’s humor and to the recent gender revolution which inspires us all.” — OLIVIER ZAHM for Purple’s #UncensoredVLogoSignature shoot.

Art direction, photography, and talent by Olivier Zahm
Fashion editor Laëtitia Gimenez
Hair and makeup by Akemi Kishida 

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