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[May 27 2016] : music

The Delivery featuring Alex Kapranos

The Delivery featuring Alex Kapranos by It's A Fine Line

Photographer and visual artist Gareth McConnell directs this kaleidoscopic video for the new single The Delivery by the electronic duo It’s a Fine Line (Ivan Smagghe and Tim Paris). This psychedelic video is based on McConnell’s cosmic book Close Your Eyes, reworking of his 10-year archive of photographs of rave culture, of civil gatherings and of riots.

The Delivery is the first single from It’s a Fine Line forthcoming album released on August 26th on the French label Kill the DJ.
Starring Hayett McCarthy as Alex Kapranos
Directed by Gareth McConnell
Music by Tim Paris and Ivan Smagghe
Lyrics by Alex Kapranos

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