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[August 1 2013] : fashion

Black Saint by Abigail Briley Bean

In todays short Black Saint, directed by Abigail Briley Bean, Lauren Avery (MochaXgirl) stars as Christine Seers, as a supermodel who must plunge into her haunted past to deliver for a perfume commercial. Shot on location at the infamous Stahl House, the film explorers the often overlooked lengths to which a star goes in creating a transcendent, perhaps iconic moment. For Christine, Beauty is Pain… transformed. The film goes inside the inner workings of a larger-than-life star whose grace is her weapon against the agony of being all too human. Her character is inspired by the world’s first supermodel, Gia Carangi, and the James McCourt novella, Kaye Wayfaring in ‘Avenged.’

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