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[January 25 2012] : art


#AverageJoe by Josef O'Connor

Filmed on his computer Josef O’Connor’s new film tells us about his new art project #averagejoe. Josef explains “For me, the most important thing about #averagejoe is that it inspires people who are challenged by the impossible to create, like I have done, an opportunity where failure is not an option – because of collective belief. The Spot Challenge by Damien Hirst favours the rich by creating the ultimate expedition around the globe (London, Paris, New York, Beverly Hills, Hong Kong, Athens, Rome, Geneva) in search of art. But for us #averagejoes, this could be just another opportunity to observe without any involvement.

So I have developed a concept recruiting all of the #averagejoes unable to participate in this elitist challenge to buy a share on my website (www.josefvalentino) which will enable me to complete the trip on their behalf. In return, every shareholder will receive a work of art from myself and a share of the Damien Hirst print. I never paid much attention to maths at school, but that sounds like fair economics to me. Get involved, buy a share or pledge your support along my trip in any of the above cities and give #averagejoe a chance of winning!”

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