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[October 20 2014] : music

Alma (Arthur Beatrice / Councillor)

Alma (Arthur Beatrice / Councillor) by Monica Gonzalez-Carter & Erick Garcia Corona

“Alma follows a young girl through the countryside of Mexico as she encounters the fragility of life. My inspiration for this film arose from the effects of the Mexican drug war and the emotions it has planted in Mexico such as destruction, impotence and dehuminization,” said director and writer Monica Gonzalez Carter.

“The lack of control the government has over the matter means that the Mexican people have been left unprotected and vulnerable. What shocked me the most was the effect this war has had on children. The Mexican drug cartels use children as young as 11 as ‘Sicarios’, assassins. This robs them of their childhood and makes them have a relationship with death that is unimaginable to most adults. Although the Mexican drug war is what inspired the film I didn’t want ‘Alma’ to impose a political or social message on the viewer, I wanted to make it universal. Therefore we decided to focus on the emotions the war aftermath has created, such as fear and anxiety but we also wanted to retain the playful innocence of Alma. This juxtaposition helps cement the vulnerability and tragedy that comes with war.”

The film is accompanied by the song Councillor by Arthur Beatrice, taken from the debut album, “Working Out”, available now. After early releases on the band’s own Open Assembly label, London-based group Arthur Beatrice’s self-produced debut album, ‘Working Out’, was released through Universal in February of this year to critical acclaim, and exemplifies their carefully cultivated, subtle but rigorous sound. Check out Arthur Beatrice live at Trianon in Paris on November 22nd 2014.

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