Purple Art

[November 11 2013]

Yayoi Kusama at David Zwirner, New York

David Zwirner’s first exhibition with artist Yayoi Kusama is a multiroom experience of color, pattern, reflection and form. Kusama’s work merges the surreal and the personal. Mirrored elements through out several bodies of work enhance the dream-like fantasy. Both the artist and viewer engage in the reflective mirrors to distort expectations of continuity and the reality of the world. Elsewhere in the space, Kusama presents a series of medium format paintings with representational passages offset by the artist’s obsessive patterns. The organic forms strengthen the cosmic narrative of her mirrored installations. I Who Have Arrived In Heaven is on view through December 21st 2013 at David Zwirner, 525 West 19th Street, New York. Photo and text Juliana Balestin   

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