Purple Diary

[May 19 2014]

Watch the Arcangel Surfware Purple TV Takeover from visual artist Cory Arcangel

To coincide with today’s release of Arcangel Surfware, we have asked Brooklyn-based visual artist Cory Arcangel to select for this months Purple TV Takeover. This year sees the reemergence of the artist after a short hiatus. Arcangel, who is the principal artist that brought gaming to the art world, is best know for pioneering the use of technology in his works, altering both old and new technologies, creating Internet interventions and modifying video games. He would do this either by deleting certain elements of the game to focus on individual graphics or revising the code to create a new scene. What is admirable about Arcangel is that he believes in making his work available to everyone and freely shares many of his video and code based works on the Internet. His practice has gained Arcangel an immense online presence and following that is both independent of and outside the mainstream fine art world. This year saw the opening of his first show in years at at the Herning Museum of Contemporary Art in Herning, Denmark and today he will be releasing the Arcangel Surfware one day pop-up event at the Holiday Inn Soho. To accompany the release of the range Arcangel simply chose one video to encapsulate the Arcangel Surfware TV Takeover, see it here.

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