Purple Art

[March 8 2022]

“Trophy”, a group exhibition at Ramiken, New York

The three New York based artists Raymond Pettibon, Sven Sachsalber and Andra Ursuţa are brought together in this exhibition with works inspired by each’s own experience, that together unfold sentiments that transcends the personal and resonate with one another.

Pettibon’s experience with his pacemaker taints his depicitions of the heart with sentiments and torments.
Sachsalber’s painted, sewed and hanging muscle suits are a harsh and poetic embodiment of his fight with his hyperthrophy (a condition of the heart that grows too big and causes paralysis and death).
Ursuţa’s memories of her former partner, Sachsalber, who she lost to hyperthrophy, alters the way she portrays herself. She paints in layers and textures this spectral, ghostly figure.

All three artists bring their own story to this exhibition but the discourse is larger, unanimous, human. Its about the matters of the heart ; the organ and the sentiments it represents; raw, violent, honest and pure.

On view now until April 2 2022 at Ramiken

Photos by Dario Lasagni

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