Purple Art

[October 17 2021]

“The Antepenultimate End,” an exhibition by Kon Trubkovich at Gagosian, New York

There is an eternal return to chaos that we humans play out, no matter how secure our societies may feel.” —Kon Trubkovich

Trubkovich’s latest exhibition fuses together both recorded history and the story of his family’s 1990 emigration from the USSR to the US. He borrows imagery both historical and contemporary, and reconstructs events from their depiction on TV using the on-screen image as a metaphor for displacement. He employs a fine paintbrush to emulate the grain of the broadcast image; the fuzzy reproduction quality of old video recordings informs the distinctive texture of his paintings’ surfaces and suggests that each scene is a pause between one frame, one recollection, one era, and the next.

On view now until October 23rd 2021 at the Gagosian

Park & 75, New York

Photos by Paige Silveria

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