Purple Art

[October 15 2021]

“FINDING MAGIC TOGETHER,” an exhibition by Marie Tomanova at C24 gallery, New York

When asked about her new exhibit Tomanova says: “This work is about New York City as a landscape of youth and a portrait of place—entwining person and environment. It is about places and people I have met here and the magic we found together. It is about discovering and expressing our identity or identities. It is about the beautiful fluidity of identity and experience. It is us. It is about being free to be yourself. It is about being with others. It is about New York City as a place of becoming. And it is about togetherness and the power of being together—connecting.”

Alongside the exhibition Tomanova is also currently publishing her second book “New York New York”, a portrait of the city’s new lower east side scene. The book is at its core a profound celebration of personal style and of a generation that’s finding itself in radical expression.

You can buy signed copies of the book at Dashwood books

On view until 24th of December at C24 Gallery 

560 West 24th Street, New York, NY 10011

Photos by Paige Silveria

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