Purple Diary

[May 17 2009]

The New Yorkers in Copenhagen

Copenhagen’s V1 Gallery plays host to New York’s finest this month in an exhibition appropriately labelled The New Yorkers and curated by one of its finest himself REAS aka Todd James. The line up is one of the most impressive on paper in sometime! Jenny Holzer, KAWS, Francine Spiegel, Rammellzee, Dash Snow, Barbara Kruger, Joe Bradley, Jose Parla, Katherine Bernhardt, Futura, John Copeland, Ryan McGinness, Stephen Powers, Erik Foss, Doug James, Brian DeGraw, Agathe Snow, Peter Saul, Kostas Seremetis, Ryan Wallace, Takeshi Murata, Peter Sutherland, Daze, Erik Parker Timothy Walkiewicz, Bill McMullen, Sue Kwon, Andy Dolan, Noah McDonough, Greg Lamarche, Devin Flynn, Aurel Schmidt, Peter Beste, Richard Kern, Sarah Braman, Todd James and Brian Montuori.

Photo by Dash Snow

V1 Gallery, Flaesketorvet 69, 1711 Copenhagen. Until June 22, 2009

Via Geometrie Variable

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