Purple Diary

[July 9 2011]

Post 9/11, the summer group show opens at the Los Angeles OHWOW gallery

OHWOW Los Angeles brings together a group of artists who emerged on the New York art scene in the early 2000s. Dan Colen, Terence Koh, Hanna Liden, Nate Lowman, Adam McEwen, Ryan McGinley, Agathe Snow, Dash Snow, Aaron Young created influential bodies of work through friendship, appropriation, and an acute dialogue with their immediate surroundings. Despite disparate methods and materials, these artists represent the core of a significant moment for young art. Photo Tom (Golden Tunnel), (2010) by Ryan McGinley and text Juliana Balestin

Post 9/11 is on view through August 27 at the OHWOW Gallery, 937 N. La Cienega, Los Angeles. 

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