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[May 25 2015]

Speed dating with The Prettiots, Savannah

At a Starbucks in Savannah, Georgia the bad-bad girls of teen-drama rock and roll spilled their secrets to us about broken ankles, cheap first dates and the upsetting stereotype that teen girls are bad at giving head.

Interview Jonathan Buckley and photo Rebekah Campbell

Jonathan Buckley – So, how I wanna do this is, I’ll ask the question and whoever thinks they have the best answer—can answer.

Lulu Prat –  Like a game show.

Jonathan Buckley – Exactly, we’re doing it game show style. Most memorable first date?

Lulu Prat –  I don’t think I’ve ever been on a date.

Kay Kasparhauser –  I don’t know. I’ve had a lot of funny, cute first dates. The first time I went on a date with my ex-boyfriend, no one knew we were seeing each other and there was twenty other people there and it wasn’t actually a date and we got dollar pizza. But, we were like, “this is our first date.” So, we were texting each other the whole time being like “this is the greatest first date ever.” I had another first date where me and this guy went to Coney Island at midnight to meet his friends, but they didn’t show up—

Rebekah Campbell –  Of course.

Kay Kasparhauser –  And then we made out and then these cops yelled at us because we were dry humping on Coney Island at two in the morning. I had been wanting to make out with him forever so…that was cool.

Jonathan Buckley –  Was it as good as you expected?

Kay Kasparhauser –  Yeah!

Jonathan Buckley – That’s always the best.

Kay Kasparhauser: I went on a first date that was really terrible where the guy was talking about having IBS. That was not fun.

Jonathan Buckley – Was it endearing?

Kay Kasparhauser –  No, it was genuinely awful—a genuinely terrible experience.

Jonathan Buckley –  What are three songs to give a girl on her thirteenth birthday?

Rachel Trachtenburg –  Wow—

Lulu Prat –  That’s a great question.

Jonathan Buckley –  How about one from each of you?


Jonathan Buckley – It’s because my cousin just turned thirteen, she has braces and I just realized she was a human and I want her to have more confidence—

Lulu Prat – I was a fat kid, so I feel that.

(Everyone thinking in silence)

Kay Kasparhauser – I would say…

Jonathan Buckley – The first song that comes to mind for me is “Fuck and Run,” by Liz Phair, but that’s a little intense for a thirteen-year-old.

Lulu Prat: I think it’s important for it to be super intense.

Jonathan Buckley – Yeah you should scare them—a little.

Kay Kasparhauser – Honestly, I can’t think of a specific song, but any Distillers song. I feel like being thirteen and discovering The Distillers and being like “oh, women can fucking dom-in-ate,” but I want to think of a specific song.

Lulu Prat – I think really angry music is important.

Rachel Trachtenburg – It’s so silly, my first reaction was a really sappy Neil Young song or something that’s like “it’s ok.” But, maybe “You Don’t Own Me” [by Lesley Gore] or something that’s kind of sassy.

Jonathan Buckley – I would put Lesley Gore on it.

Everyone: R.I.P

Jonathan Buckley – That was the one—that one hit me…

Lulu Prat: I saw her recently too. I lucked out.

Kay Kasparhauser – Spider Webs by No Doubt?

Lulu Prat: That’s a good one.

Kay Kasparhauser – But that’s a song that meant a lot to me when I was thirteen…”Oh Bondage Up Yours” by X-Ray Spex. I remember hearing that song when I just turned thirteen and being like, “Fuck Yeah.”

Jonathan Buckley – I remember listening to that song on an iTunes “deep punk cuts” playlist when I was thirteen. Are you looking for love?

Kay Kasparhauser – Am I looking for love? Well, I’m constantly seeking the approval of others, so, in that way I would say yes. Romantically? No.

Lulu Prat – Yes, always.

Kay Kasparhauser – Yes—

Lulu Prat – My grandmother once told me that I was in love with love.

Everyone; Awwwee.

Rachel Trachtenburg: We’re going to watch the Bachelor, hopefully, with her grandmother.

Kay Kasparhauser: You gotta keep looking for the love, you always gotta look for the love.

Jonathan Buckley: What’s the worst bar in New York City?

Kay Kasparhauser: Every single one.

Lulu Prat –  I’m underage, so I don’t know…“the one that doesn’t let me in…duh”

Everyone –  (laughter)

Lulu Prat – People always say, “what’s the best bar in New York?”

Rachel Trachtenburg –  We get that all the time.

Kay Kasparhauser – None of us really go to bars.

Jonathan Buckley – What’s a good movie to watch at a sleepover with your gals?

Lulu Prat – True Romance

Kay Kasparhauser – Blue Velvet or Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom

Rachel Trachtenburg – (laughter)

Jonathan Buckley – If the Prettiots were an alcoholic drink what would they be?

Kay Kasparhauser – Strawberry daiquiri

Lulu Prat – No, no way too obvious.

Everyone – Cranberita—with a shot of whiskey on the side and a kick in the gut.

Jonathan Buckley – Least favorite stereotype of teen girls?

Kay Kasparhauser – Their bad at giving head.

Everyone: Laughter

Kay Kasparhauser – That my primary concern is about being a young lady—it’s not something I think about all the time.

Lulu Prat: That everyone helps me with stuff. Like if I engineer a record—why do you assume I did it with someone else. People always assume I was accompanied by a male [in terms of making music.]

Jonathan Buckley (directed towards Kay Kasparhauser): I heard you broke your ankle and that’s how you learned to play the ukelele—

Kay Kasparhauser – Sort of…

Jonathan Buckley – How’d you break your ankle?

Kay Kasparhauser – I’ve broken my ankle so many times to be completely honest…I think I was running down the street in California and I twisted it—I broke my ankle once jumping on Halloween—fucked up and I was on drugs or something.

Jonathan Buckley – What was your costume?

Kay Kasparhauser – I was dressed like Alex from A Clockwork Orange. I was fifteen or sixteen and I ran into someone else who was dressed like Alex from A Clockwork Orange and I was mad. I bet them that I could jump over this thing and he was like “I bet you can’t.” And then I jumped over it—cleared a police barricade. I landed sideways. My ankle hurt so bad—I had to cut through my Dr Martens to get them off. I’ve literally broken my ankle four or five times.

Jonathan Buckley – Oh…wait, how many tattoos did you say you guys have all together?

Kay Kasparhauser and Lulu Prat – Probably thirty-seven or forty.

Jonathan Buckley – Cool, that’s it!

Kay Kasparhauser – Time to smoke a blunt!

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