Purple Diary

[March 14 2022]

“Diario,” a single by Superpitcher

“Diario,” a single by Superpitcher

This is a trip, not a journey, a trip dedicated to the young raver in all of us and to a dear friend gone too soon. As Pasolini said in his eponymous poem:
“That’s why I’ve never abandoned happiness, that’s why in the anxiety of my sins I’ve never been touched by real remorse. Equal, always equal, to the inexpressible at the very source of what I am.”In loving memory of Georges “Sugar” Chaulet.
A Film by Kevin Elamrani-Lince
Design by Yeos
Poem by Pier Paolo Pasolini
Voice by LucioloSuperpitcher’s new album, “Lush Life,” is available now here

Film by Kevin Elamrani-Lince

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