Purple Art

[December 17 2010]

Sherrie Levine at Paula Cooper Gallery

The iconic American appropriation artist Sherrie Levine presents an exhibition of new works at New York’s Paula Cooper Gallery. Through 18 December, visitors can take in a monochromatic painting series alongside a selection of bronze sculptures. The appropriated figures are quintessential Levine. The works force viewers to question the authentcity and rights to public images. Levine directly copies existing forms and puts her claim on these works. A bronze copy of 12th Century stone male divinity given the date 2010 and signature of Sherrie Levine. Rephotographying images and recontextualizing existing work is the hallmark for Levine and firmly situates her amongst Richard Prince and Louise Lawler in the Pictures Generation. The subject of a 2009 Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibition, these artists emerged from the late 1970s Pop Art and Conceptualism scene. On view at the Paula Cooper Gallery, 534 West 21st Street, New York. Text Juliana Balestin

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