Purple Diary

[June 9 2023]

RAMA – An album by Mercedes Nasta and Rodrigo Blanco

RAMA is the latest album composed by the Mexican musicians Mercedes Nasta and Rodrigo Blanco. Blending cumbia with progressive rock and elements of downtempo, the album is the product of five years of collaboration and a new sense of introspection arising from the post-pandemic period. The album weaves together surreal visions and speaks of the long and intricate path to self-discovery.

“ I think the music scene in Mexico has evolved enormously. When I started, it felt like a very small community. And then these humongous festivals started happening, and the bands that we used to play with exploded, each with their own rhythm and their own scene. It was a very fertile time for rock and roll…”

Listen to the album on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/5wC4ACPfltMaoWe9bTwPq5?si=zocbwLpvQgme_0npfpdYiA&nd=1 and discover more about the music influence of Mercedes Nasta in her previous interview on purple.fr, featured in The Mexico Issue F/W 2021 https://purple.fr/magazine/the-mexico-issue-36-f-w-2021/mercedes-nasta/.



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