Purple Radio 2070

[April 7 2022]



A vision of music in the year 2070

Coinciding with the release of the Future issue, Purple Magazine and Radiooooo teamed up to create a musical vision of the future. Musicians and artists from around the world were invited to imagine music in the year 2070. The compilation of original tracks produced for this project will be featured daily on purple.fr as well as on Radiooooo’s online platforms and streaming apps, which include a new tab for the year 2070 on their world map. Started in 2012, Radiooooo is a musical time machine that curates a selection of music based on geographical location and era.

What will the music of the future sound like? Will it be utopic or dystopic? Chaotic or harmonious? Abstract or primal? Will it be created by machines and algorithms, or will it be analog and spontaneous?

The artists featured have created sonic landscapes that project us into a vision of the future. They have also contributed texts describing their vision. The list of artists include: Alex Eghikian, Benjamin Moreau, Curses, Daniel Weil, Dombrance, Emmanuelle, Eulalie, Faux Real, Joakim, Kawas, Lifafa, Mita Garni, Molly Lewis,  DJ Hell, Gaspar Claus, Marvin & Guy, Niv Ast, Polo & Pan, Red Axes, Chassol, Dombrance, Alejandro Molinari, Auroro Borealo , Corine, Francobollo, Il Est Vilaine, Kazy Lambist, Local Suicide, mmm, Marvin & Guy, Miljon, Moods, Ora The Molecule, Nicolas Godin, Para One, Paulor, Quasi Qui, Rebolledo, Simple Symmetry, Shubostar, Sol Oosel, Tim Paris, Wolfram, Younger Than Me and others…

Click here to listen to the music of the future.


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