Purple Diary

[October 12 2010]

Nostalgia by Omer Fast

Omer Fast who was shown at the Whitney Museum this year, exhibits new works at GB Agency. Playing with the dialogue between three videos, he organizes vibrant and multilevel works which treat a large amount of topics ranging from memory to identity to migrancy. The first is a lo-fi short movie about a destitute man who explains how to hunt in the woods. The second is an interview between an English director and a Nigerian migrant about an upcoming sci-fi movie. The third, directed in 16mm, is the upcoming movie in question: a kind of dystopia about an inverted future world, where the African continent is prosperous, and Europe is in a state of war. As a conclusion of the pyramidal structure of the videos, the last film — in a particularly cinematic and oniric way — completes the uncultivated elements of the first movies and emphasizes the intertextuality of the whole work. Nostalgia by Omer Fast at GB agency runs until November 13, 18 rue des Quatre Fils, 75003, Paris. Text Pierre-Alexandre Mateos

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