Purple Diary

[January 30 2011]

CLAUDE RUTAULT at emmanuel perrotin, paris

The gallery Emmanuel Perrotin presents the work of Seventies prolific conceptual artist Claude Rutault. If Rutault is well known within the French art institution, Exposition-Suicide is an opportunity to showcase his work internationally to a wider public. Inventor of the concept of Definition- Methods, each work commands a precise instruction about its final presentation and the modalities of its acquisition. With this approach, Rutault has developed a body of over 300 definition methods. According to his instructions, the purchaser must comply to the updating of the work, thus directly playing a performative role on that of the final form of the work. In this frame, Christie’s has collaborated with Perrotin for the sale of Rutault’s works, thus becoming a mediator between the purchaser and the tyrannic artist. Exposition-Suicide by Claude Rutault runs until February 12 at Emmanuel Perrotin, 76 Rue de Turenne, Paris. Text and Photo Pierre-Alexandre Mateos

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