Purple Diary

[March 12 2011]

Noblesse Oblige by Scott Campbell, Los Angeles

The always fresh OHWOW program will open the doors to their Los Angeles location on 19 March with the inaugural solo exhibition of Brooklyn based artist Scott Campbell. Noblesse Oblige will demonstrate Campbell’s delicate and deft handiwork across media including neon, US currency, copper plates, and graphite. Working on both a small and large scale, the artist’s ironic twists on traditional working class imagery and tattoo flash are brought to their most provocative levels yet. The show follows up last year’s New York debut, If You Don’t Belong, Don’t Be Long, and pushes the dialogue between material and content to new and sophisticated levels. Noblesse Oblige by Scott Campbell runs 19 March – 22 April at OHWOW, Los Angeles. Text Juliana Balestin and photo Scott Campbell

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