Purple Art

[May 28 2021]

“Mother Tongue,” an exhibition by Camille Henrot at Kestner Gesellschaft, Hannover

Purple is pleased to present “Mother Tongue,” an exhibition by Camille Henrot at Kestner Gesellschaft. This is her first wide-ranging institutional solo exhibition of new works in drawing, painting, and sculpture in Germany, accompanied by the large-scale fresco series “Monday” and film installation “Saturday.”

The oeuvre of artist Camille Henrot revolves around fundamental questions concerning our present times: How can we bring order to the chaos of our lives? The exhibition encompasses a vast thematic field, which includes the complexity of motherhood, the formation of language, a corporeality, as well as empathy and emancipation. As the artist states: “My work touches on issues of violence, sexuality, perversion, trauma, and unresolved ethical problems.“

On view now until August 8th at Kestner Gesellschaft Hannover, Germany


Photos by Robert Knoke

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